Who is Annemarie

Annemarie is a young woman, 35 years of age. Born and raised in Goes and still living in beautiful Zeeland, in the south-west of the Netherlands.

Annemarie is a real people person. She loves being together with friends and having people around her who are dear to her. Wherever there are people, there she can be found. Annemarie comes from a Christian family. She is the fourth child in a family of five and has an older sister, 2 older brothers and a younger brother. In elementary school, she had a great time, including going to Sunday school every Sunday. After elementary school, she went to VMBO at Buys Ballot College.

Eager to care for others
After VMBO, she followed a successful vocational education and training to become a caregiver. Many internships she did in various retirement homes / nursing homes, she always enjoyed this very much and eventually she was offered a paid job thanks to her internships. Again, sociability is the word that comes to mind when she thinks back to this time.

Diagnosis of CFS/ME
After several years as a caregiver, it becomes increasingly difficult for Annemarie to perform her job. After many examinations, she is finally diagnosed with CFS/ME, chronic fatigue syndrome. Eventually, her health problems force her to quit her paid job.

Even when a paid job proves too hard, Annemarie continues to work for others. She starts working as a volunteer in the thrift store of Terre des Hommes. Because she can plan her own hours, she can still participate in society. Something that gives Annemarie a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Unfortunately, in 2019 her symptoms increase and her health deteriorates so much that she also has to give up her volunteer work.

Just keep going
When walking and cycling are no longer possible, the mobility scooter becomes her means of transportation. Yet this is no reason for Annemarie to throw in the towel. "Just keep going" is her motto. She is grateful for the things she is still able to do at that time and likes to meet up with friends to socialize and play board games.

Meanwhile, she has been spending her life in bed since the beginning of 2022. Annemarie keeps strong and is not a quitter. She keeps hope for a better future.

Will you help Annemarie live again?