Help Annemarie weer leven

Help Annemarie live again
Annemarie (35) is a social, optimistic young woman who must leave a lot behind due to her progressive medical condition. Her hobbies are enjoying nature, being with animals, driving a car, playing board games and sitting on a terrace with her friends. Unfortunately, since early 2022, none of this is possible anymore and she spends entire days lying on her bed in her bedroom, with as little stimulation from the outside world as possible.

The rare Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has turned Annemarie's life upside down. This is a condition that causes the body to be too supple, joints to be too flexible and even organs to not function properly. In Annemarie's case, this manifests itself in severe instability of her skull, cervical and thoracic vertebrae.

This instability causes compression of important structures such as the brain stem, spinal cord and nerves, which causes her to have muscle weakness all over her body, her breathing regularly drops out and her brain is affected. For example, she regularly cannot think of words, is forgetful and sometimes does not even recognize acquaintances.

Currently, the only proven effective treatment for Annemarie's syndromes is fixation: in her case, this involves fixing
mechanically mounting the skull to the middle of her back by means of plates, rods and screws. This is to remove the extreme mobility and thus her symptoms.

However, there are only a handful of doctors worldwide who specialize in this and so she has to travel to Barcelona, for which the health insurance company unfortunately does not reimburse. This means that she is dependent on help from you, from kind people who want to donate, so together we hope to reach our goal of €90,000.

This amount includes the costs for the surgery, air travel, additional examinations, stay in the care hotel and after-checks.

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Stichting Ann on top again on bank account number NL80 RABO 0197 7683 26


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